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Thinking of buying a yacht in Greece? There are deals to be had, particularly at the end of the yacht charter season. But you will find problems to be aware of too.

The majority of Ancient greek yachts outlined with agents are former charter yachts, called Greek professional yachts. Some people shy away from them, trusting it comparable to buying a 2nd-hands car from a vehicle employ firm. Not all charter yachts are sick-utilized or poorly taken care of.

In reality, a lot of the professional yachts in Greece are belonging to people as opposed to yacht charter businesses. The proprietors charter them out so that you can reap the benefits of VAT along with other tax advantages.

Frequently the proprietor will charter for your minimal number of days needed to keep expert status and include the yearly mooring and upkeep costs in the yacht.

In case you are willing to spend time exploring you can find a big difference in the look of yachts of the identical age group, with many looking ‘tired’ from weighty use while some appear many years young.


Getting discovered a yacht you would like to buy you ought to have it interviewed by a expert surveyor. It is far from unknown for a charter yacht to experience major hull damage, be patched up by an unscrupulous owner, and then provided for resale.

“Buyer Be careful” should certainly be your motto.

Market research will never only safeguard you against purchasing a fishing boat with technological problems but it is also required by most insurance companies. You will pay out 500 – 1500 Euro to get a study.

Ancient greek FLAG

99Percent of Greek professional yachts are Greek-flagged. If the fishing boat is flagged in another country then your rules of the country will use and also you require guidance from a qualified agent.

Should you be not just a Greek resident or perhaps an E.You. resident citizen in Greece you will need to change flag when the fishing boat is intended for private use. You can preserve Greek flag in case you have a yacht charter company in Greece.

Product sales PRICE

We were once recommended to never pay out a Ancient greek the cost he openly asks for anything at all, because he will usually anticipate one to bargain…

This is certainly real in terms of boats. You should be able to discuss down from your preliminary asking price. A good survey may offer you ammunition for this particular, as few used boats is going to be with no defects.

The surveyor should be able to advise you what the ‘going rate’ is perfect for the sort of yacht you are looking at.

Some agents in Greece usually do not work with a set commission payment schedule. They will concur a price with the proprietor that he/she is going to accept. Then they make an effort to obtain as high a value as is possible from your purchaser. Their commission will be the distinction. The additional they enhance the ‘owner’s price’ could be very considerable leaving a lot of scope for negotiation.


Greek professional yachts could have been bought VAT exempt. If you are an E.You. nationwide, you will be required to pay out VAT around the current worth of the yacht as well as the buy price.

The VAT rate in Greece is 19Percent but frequently you are able to negotiate with the Seller and it is not unknown for deals to get achieved that you pay out only an additional 5% and the Seller handles the repayment from the remaining VAT.

You might be exempted from repayment of VAT if you are involved in commercial activity which includes yacht chartering.

Should you be not an E.You. Resident you will not must pay the outstanding VAT, however, you will demand the yacht to get customized cleared from the E.You. This takes several days and costs about 600 Euro.

Typical Purchase Process

Having discovered a yacht, you negotiate a cost with the agent and achieve a contract. You need to be provided with an stock for your yacht so you know what is included in the sale.

You want a solicitor to act to suit your needs during the selling. Your solicitor will protect you by guaranteeing that there are no encumbrances or debts on the yacht, which the ownership scenario and titles are clear.

The solicitor will get ready an M.O.A. (Memorandum of Contract) stating every detail of the deal, including terms, times and payments, and what comes with the fishing boat. This Memorandum ought to be conditional over a survey. The M.O.A. is agreed upon by each Buyer and Seller.

You organize a survey of the yacht and, on the basis of this, either agree the price, re-negotiate, or sometimes the smartest action could be simply to walk out!

You normally pay out a down payment of 10-20Percent of the purchase cost for your solicitor as soon as possible so that you can have a lawfully binding contract. Your lawyer will probably pay this for the vendor all things considered the necessary paperwork have been handed up to him.

You must send the total amount of the purchase price to the solicitor in time to conform to the provisions negotiated when drafting the Memorandum of Agreement. The lawyer will probably pay the entire purchase price towards the seller only right after they have ensured that most legal and tax requirements have already been cared for from the seller and all things considered needed documents have already been handed over to him from the seller.

Included in the product sales procedure the yacht will likely be deleted through the Ancient greek registry. On deletion an official ownership certificate will likely be released through the Hellenic Registrar of Shipping. The certification will confirm that the fishing boat is provided for free from encumbrances and liens.

In the meantime you are able to organize enrollment for the boat in your country.

After completion of all paperwork it is possible to take control your boat in Greece or arrange to get it sent to wherever you would like to always keep her.

You can only cruise your yacht following a Bill of Sale has become released and officially agreed upon by each Vendor and Purchaser as well as the Deletion Certification has become released. Buying a yacht can be a relatively lengthy and bureaucratic penzxm here in Greece but most of the methods are available to safeguard your passions and make sure the yacht is provided for free of debts or some other monetary burdens.

Do not be tempted to consider any cutting corners or accept any pieces of paper shown to you by an enthusiastic vendor apparently to accelerate the process.

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